Transactions Main Display

Transactions Main Display


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Main display features (from the left hand side column display).

  • DPO Ref – The unique reference for the transaction
  • Date – Date transaction was created.
  • Ref – Your company’s internal reference.
  • Last – Customer’s last name.
  • Type – Type of transaction, that is: email, direct or website transaction.
  • Total- Total amount to be paid for the transaction
  • Currency – Currency used to pay for the transaction.
  • Card – Type of card used i.e Amex, Visa, Master Card, Mobile Money or Bank.
  • Status – Transaction status, that is:
  • Queued, Sent, Website Pending, Pending, Paid, Prep or Cancelled.
  • Payment date – Date payment was made by the customer.
  • Time Limit: The payment time limit set for the transaction.
  • Attempts – Number of times the customer tried making the payment.
  • Score – a summary of all the parameters checked within a transaction.
  • Fraud – Fraud status of the transaction.
  • V – Website verification status of the transaction.
  • S – Source / Origin of the transaction, that is: Email, Website or Mobile.


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