Most Important Payment Processing Features for eCommerce

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eCommerce in Africa has had its challenges. COD has long been a preferred method of completing transactions for a number of reasons, but merchants are looking to fulfil customer orders in more streamlined and cost-effective ways. Processing payments online and delivering goods through standard shipping methods reduces risk and overhead, and increases customer satisfaction.


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Security and safety are primary concerns for merchants and customers alike. Shoppers trust that merchants are keeping their information private and that their data is secure when they provide their details upon making a purchase. PCI DSS compliance is a security standard that holds this trust in the highest regard. Payment processors with PCI DSS certification ensure that all personal transaction data is stored and transmitted using multiple layers of security when encrypting, managing, and storing information.


Easy website integration

In today’s digital world, customers seek a comfortable shopping experience from start to finish. Pivotal to the eCommerce business is seamless and easy website integration from the payment processor. Payment processing integration on the web brings many benefits, including:

  • Instant payments – purchase transaction processes are completed instantly, providing customers with real-time and immediate confirmation of their completed purchase. This also saves time for the merchant.
  • Reliability – with an easily-completed online purchase, shoppers consider eCommerce merchants more reliable, and credible.
  • Increase in revenue – by enabling customers to complete transactions using credit and debit cards, goods and services are made more readily available to more potential customers.
  • Decrease in hands-on processing – when purchases are completed online, there is no need for intervention by staff to process payments or verify checks, leaving them free to focus on other parts of the business.

User-friendly checkout / shopping cart

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eCommerce merchants focus a lot on a comfortable browsing experience with clarity around products and services offered. But equally important is the shopping cart and checkout experience for customer satisfaction. Things such as a checkout button, clear shopping cart review page, and easily fillable checkout page for the input of payment details go a long way for gaining repeat customers. Compatibility with the leading shopping carts such as Magento and WooCommerce are pivotal for merchants selecting a payment processor.


Acceptance of all payment methods

With so many digital payment options available today, it is beneficial to give shoppers the opportunity to choose their preferred payment method – such as debit, credit, direct bank transfer, mobile payments or eWallets. Allowing shoppers to pay using whatever method is best for them means you will have happy, loyal customers.

There are a number of benefits to both merchants and customers when eCommerce providers move from COD to fully eCommerce payment processing solutions. By choosing the right payment processor, merchants will reduce risk and fees, increase efficiency, and transform their business.

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